Rules & Entry Forms

Attention Market Animal Exhibitors.

Please contact the livestock superintendent for market animal tags BEFORE completing entries. Thank you.

Attention Market Poultry Exhibitors regarding

With the Newcastle restrictions lifted we will be having a chicken meat pen show for chickens. Please see our premium book for details.

Attention Rabbit Exhibitors

A disease has come up recently that is prohibiting rabbit shows. We are having a virtual Rabbit meat class as this would allow rabbit meat pens to show without rabbits being transported. Please see our premium book for details.

Thank you.

Jeff Becker
Ramona Junior Fair Board President on behalf of the Ramona Junior Fair Board

2020 Fair Documents

RJF Declaration of Health Wholesome Meat Form

RJF Scratch sheet

Fair entries are here. Follow this link to get registered. Thank you.

RJF 2020 updated information.

RJF Online Judging Guide

Home Ec Entry Upload Instructions

2020 Premium Book 7-7-2020

2020 RJF First Aid Form

2020 Event Schedule coming soon

All Entries will be Completed Online for the 2020 Fair. Entries will open up in July of 2020. 

Summary Sheet

Exhibitors – You MUST Submit Completed First Aid Forms With Entries

No Camping for this 2020 year.

State Rules and Guide lines

2020 State Rules for California Fairs coming soon

Official Youth Agreement 2020 coming soon

Participating Organizations