The Auction

The Ramona Junior Fair is organized and operated through 100% volunteer efforts.  Leaders from the community and from participating 4-H, FFA and Grange Clubs come together to make this Fair possible.

Hauling Schedule for Sunday-

6-10AM self hauls and packer truck animals back to the fairgrounds.

10:30AM-2PM self hauls pick up their animals at RJF. 

Grounds locked at 4.

2020 Ramona Junior Fair Auction page. Click here to view the auction list and register for the Auction.

2020 RJF Online Auction List


RJFAdd-ONSheet- You can use this sheet to do add-ons for any youth that is participating in the Ramona Junior Fair, even the ones that do not show up on the auction list. You can show up in person on Saturday afternoon to add them and pay if you would like. Another option is calling one of our office staff and they will help take a payment over the phone. Carol Roe 760-644-0767 and Kristy Parker 760-522-2701.

2020 How the online auction works– this document explains how the auction works. 

Packer Prices

.45 lbs- Pigs

$1.40- Lambs

$2.50- Goats

$1.00- Beef

.80 on Veal

Beef and veal can not be sold to packer. They do not have the room. Packer truck will haul them though for your processing though.

Online Auction starts on Friday July 31st 2020 at 10:00AM and ends Saturday August 1st 2020 at 10:00AM. Barn sale animal auction to follow after the main auction and will start at 10:30AM


Participating Organizations