We have several fundraisers that support the youth exhibitors that participate at the Ramona Junior Fair.  

The Ramona Junior Fair is ran completely by volunteers and there are no paid staff. The fundraising is very important for many reasons. We always try to keep the entry fees for our youth to remain low and affordable for everyone so no one is excluded from participating.  

The fundraising goes towards many things that allow the Ramona Junior Fair to exist. Here are examples but not limited to what the fundraising helps fund. 

  • Scholarships
  • Judging expenses
  • Awards
  • Fair ground Maintenance and up keep
  • Fair ground improvement projects
  • Livestock Auction day dinner and events
  • Pie Auction Dinner and Events
  • Fair grounds utilities

Here are the current fundraisers.  

  • RJF BBQ, Pie Auction, Antique Truck and Tractor Show 
    • This is our biggest fundraiser and is held in mid July each year. This event was born in 1980 and started out as a dessert auction between some families that thought selling desserts would be a great fundraiser. We have between 75 and 100 desserts mostly of old family recipes for pies, brownies, cookies and more donated for the auction. We have a live auctioneer that usually is one of our very own Ramona Junior Fair alumni to auction off all the items. The deep pit BBQ was added at an unknown time. We deep pit about 400 pounds of Beef, Pork and Turkey that is slow cooked for 12+ hours. Our youth and leaders prepare all the sides for the event to compliment these amazing meats. The antique truck and tractor show has been added in the recent years and attracts beautiful vehicles that you should come to see or bring your own to show off if you have one. There is no entry fee for the show.
  • “The After Auction”
    • The after auction was started for the need to sell items that have been donated that were not desserts. We have a live auctioneer that usually is one of our very own Ramona Junior Fair alumni to auction off all the items. The after auction is held in the evening of our livestock auction day. There is typically around 100+ items donated such as various gift certificates, merchandise like coolers, hats, art work, crafts, quilts and so much more. There is something here for every buyer.
  • Sponsors
    • Banner Sponsor– $350 The sponsorship includes:  – Includes 2’ x 4’ banner to be displayed at highly visible sites around the fairgrounds and along Aqua Lane, which is a frequented street that services the baseball fields, community center and many others large community events. If you have any questions, please feel free to call (760)519-2678. Victoria Stanley, Awards and Fundraising chairperson P.O. Box 22 Julian, CA 92036.
    • Buckle Sponsor$175 Championship belt buckles are given in three areas. One is our Small & Large Animal Round Robin Showmanship Championships. Second, the carcass contest, the animals are judged based on both ultrasound analysis of the animal’s body composition and market weight.  Lastly, the grand champion market buckles. Nineteen buckles are needed for the Round Robin, Carcass Contest, and Grand Champion Market categories.                   
    • Class Award- $50 This sponsorship is for class awards. We award class winners with great awards such as ribbons, plaques and equipment (shovels, rakes, gloves, water buckets and more) that is customized for each of the classes.
    • General Sponsor- $50 or a custom amount. There are many expenses incurred during the Fair that are not covered by award or buckle sponsorship, including judge and auctioneer fees, ribbons, increased utility costs, etc. We also have this option for your donation to go into a general fund to assist with these expenses.



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